Thursday, December 5, 2013

SlideSpeech - the void it fills.....

Short but sweet entry of learning.  I'm so happy how it turned out with my students!

Some students don't like to present in front of a group, some have a lot to say but get nervous.  Here's an alternative that a friend of mine showed me this summer and I used in our final presentation of photoshop for my Gr. 9/10 students.  You create a PowerPoint like you normally do, but what ever you type in the note section is what is read in SlideSpeech.  You get to chose what voice you want (accent) and you can invite the teacher to see it (even embed it in an electronic portfolio for those of you doing that).  The students have to think about the picture they have put up on the powerpoint, consider what they have learned (critical thinking and reflection), and the best part, it's free!!!!

Here's an example: