Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trying out Edistorm with my students...

My students and I are trying out Edistorm tomorrow for the first time.  Students have learnt all about viruses and how they affect their computer, what exactly they do and how to combat them.  The idea is to have the students brainstorm as a group, all that they have learned.  This is a project for assessment of their learning, but in a process manner.  Students are to summarize as a group all they have learnt with a visual aide (the noteboard in edistorm), then vote on the best ideas that they have to present.  Each person has 10 votes to do so.  At the end of the voting, they clean up the ones they don't want to be included in their report (delete the onces that did not get many votes) and convert the report to a pdf file and email it to me .  Our first attempt is wide open for students to try in 2 private sessions, with 15 students per group.  The maximum per group is 20.  

Let me explain a bit about Edistorm before I continue on.  To get started using Edistorm log into an account that you will create, and click “create a storm.” Then a new blank canvas will appear. To the left of your canvas you will see sticky notes. Type on the note and press add note when you’re done. Above the sticky notes are the color selections of the notes, if you wish to use this to identify what brainstorming ideas are submitted by which students.  The note will then appear on your canvas where you can drag and drop it into place.  A ‘storm’ is a brainstorming session and we can choose to keep it private (so that only we can view it) or public (so that everybody can view). A third option, private storm, lets us share our storm with up to 20 people whom you specify. The private storm feature is not free.

Stay tune to see how it goes.

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