Monday, October 24, 2011

Continuation of Self-Directed Pro D

This past month of everything going on in our school we also had a professional development day of self-directed learning.  In September the staff set some goals of learning, that they wished to accomplish over the school year.  These goals were to be attainable, and something of passion to the teacher (see entry "Making your Own Professional Development Day"), with many teachers spending much time, considering what they would like to do.  Some changed their initial goals, saying it was too much or the goal was not what they thought they wanted to do.  But like any inquiry you can change it, or it can fail, as long as you keep on trying.  

The thought is your action research inquiry question (your goal) will in some way, shape or form, change the manner in which student learning happens, be it positive or maybe negative.  But in the changing world today, we too as teachers need to change our teaching practises.  This can be through technology, or through assessment or through changing your teaching philosophy.  Mostly, this is through enhancing your passion for teaching.  Thus the need to own your own professional development.

The day went smoothly and with excitement and people demanding more time to work on their goals.  See below for an itinerary of the day:  

Pro D Day – 26st Growing with your Goal

Date:               September 26th, 2011

Time:             8:30 – 9:00 am. – In Library
Activity -       Breakfast – getting to know more about your colleagues

Morning Session:
Time:             9:00 – 9:15 am. – In Library
Activity -       15 minute Movie   Growth in this World
The movie is there to get you thinking about the changing world and the changes to our students.

Time:             9:15 – 9:45 am. – In your department’s chosen classroom
Activity -       Department Discussion about individual goals, and where your department is going as a group.  At least one person (or more)per department needs to share their goal in the afternoon session.  Lets be proud of what we want to learn ;)

Time:             9:45 – 11:30 – in respective classrooms.  NOTE:  Lab B110 is open for your convenience if need be.
Activity:         Working on your Goal
Remember if you need help, the people listed below are experts in our school. You go to them with your questions.  Please ask questions of them in the morning but give them their time in the afternoon to concentrate on their goals.

Anyone can change their goals at any time, but what we ask is that you share with the Pro D committee any goals so that we may aide you in your journey to learning.  Some people have not handed in their goals.  Could you please do so for planning purposes.

Ryan Neufeld:  Twitter, Wikis
Robert Dewinetz:  Fakebook, Timer online, and more.
Roger Haywood – Learning 360, Discover Ed, and CBC News Online
Jewell Thai – Glogster
Jacqueline Alvarado Cruz –  ToonDoo, Glogster
Jennifer Spain – Voice Thread, iTunes, Twitter Assignment, Storybird and Glogster
Sarah Garr - Webnode
Bryan Bucci – Webnode
Alyssa Becker – Blogging
Warren Edwards  Gizmos

Time:             11:30 – 12:00 – in the Library
Activity:         Sharing what you are doing.  At this point, could at least one person in a department share what he/she is working on or what they have learned.

Lunch:           From 12:00 – 1:00 – on your own.
Time:             1:00 – 1:30 – in Library
Activity:         Another movie – this time about our students. To help you with your goal setting and changes in you’re professional learning.  Also, hopefully this video will help you to learn more about our students.

Time:             1:30 – 2:30 – in respective classrooms.
Activity:         Working on your Goals (You can work in groups with common interests or individually)

Time:             2:30 – 3:00 – in Library
Activity:         Discussion of plans to move forward (announcements)  - Jennifer Spain

Comments from Staff:
Many staff members stated they needed more time.  That it would be best to have no after lunch meeting, to just get back to work and then come back at the end to sum up.  I agree.    In the end we gave a list of web sites that may be of interested to people reading this blog but were of interest to staff.

Sites of Interest:

·      History Conflict -  See Mustafa Gocmen
·      Portfolio and E-portfolio worksheets, self-assessments, etc – by Minister of Education of BC, Alberta, and Val Lees, Teachers in Surrey School District -
·      Graphic Organizers -
·      Analysis of Web 2.0 tools of use in the Surrey School District.  Some instruction sheets and Rubrics -
·      Inquiry based learning -
·      Current Trends in Education -

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