Friday, February 10, 2012

This is yours.....

This is your employee at the school district who thinks people may not be interested in her blog of learning (I'm so proud of you!!!) but the journey is important to record to see your growth and I have at that!  You are amazing!

This is  your staff member doing research on different strategies to better herself as a teacher and learning the most important lesson of all, technology is just a tool, it's us the teacher, that makes the different.  

This is your teacher teaching your child using all the tools that he can learn to build better communication between himself,  the students, and the parents. Your ideas in this area have changed our school tremendous.  Thanks to you for the changes in our school web site.  It's almost done!  check out the "news" section (blog) we will use for instant updates.

These are my colleagues.  These are some of the people I consider my friends.  They are just a few of the supporters and the demanders of learning in Sullivan Heights.  These are the people that I am proud of: their passion for learning, their drive to be better, their foresight to look towards the future of education for their students.  These are the people that drive the passion in our school, the passion of learning for their students and for themselves.  They enflame my passion as well to be a better teacher and a better facilitator of technology in our school

These are but a few examples of the results of our Pro D today.  But this link explains all the people in our school who are working hard on personal goals of improvements. We were to start with one goal, but it seems many of us have expanded to two or three or four or five goals now right @klaw6?   I'm proud to be part of Sullivan Heights Secondary School. 

I have never said "This is my school" because to me,  it is not the building that I want to claim.  These are my students, and these are my colleagues.  This is my network.  That is what I am proud to claim.  See this link to see our list of research blogs.

Thank you for reading my rant.

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