Monday, February 25, 2013

Sometimes it's easy to teach...

Sometimes you don't need to get the classes/students' attention to teach, sometimes they beg you to teach them.  I have two students like that.  They're not even in any of my classes.  They just want to learn how to create a movie, and start filming.  They find contests online, do a storyboard, ask questions, ask for critques and keep on developing their talent.  Here's an example, a finalist in the "Stop the Bullying" campagne by the City of Surrey.  They made the finalist.  No matter if they win or lose, I'm proud that they just want to learn and try.  Their video is called "Life is Fragile." at  

Below are all the videos.  You'll have to go through all the contestants to see their video but all are very good.  Thanks to the City of Surrey and all the rest for giving my students and other students this opportunity to grow.

Most times its the students that make the learning on their own but we still help ;)

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