Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What is a Computer Facilitator

I've been asked this question recently and depending on who you ask, you could get different answers.  But here's my answer.

As a Facilitator of Learning or Computer Facilitator my role is help teachers with what they wish to do in regards to using technology in the classroom.  But it's more then that.  I try to help teachers and students by showing them the  latest aides (web 2.0 tools and computer equipment)  to enhance learning.  At our school we incorporate training in as many 21st Century skills as possible.    See the diagram below for a quick summary of these skills. 

Here are but a few of the duties of a computer facilitator:

  • Ipads
    •  Updating
    • Download apps
    • Plug in IPads at the end of the day.
    • Clean out all games on Ipads
    • Reset them when there is problems.
    • General maintenance of 45 IPads.
  • Image Macs using Casper
    • Update Macs that need it
    • Add software
    • Add printers
  •  Trouble Shoot PC computers
  •  Explain solutions to problems in regards to software to teachers
  • Call in all problems I cannot fix
  • Make priority list of problems for tech when he comes
  • Discussion and explanation of problems with tech
  • Update on what is happening in the district.
  • Planning summer work session at our school.
  • Any upgrades happening in district.
  • Deal with tech in school (support, answering questions, showing where problems are).
  • Passwords to students
    • changes of passwords 
    • Give out passwords for all Grade 8s each year in the school.
    •  Reset all passwords for all students in the school.
  • Printers
    • Fix any printer problems.
    • Order ink from office.
    •  Storage of extra ink
  • Troubleshoot any problems in regards to wireless issues in the school.
    • Call in help desk when I can’t do repairs. 
  • Help staff change passwords.
  • Assist other staff members in placing hardware orders (document readers, LCD)
  • Marks
    • Assist staff members in inputting and maintaining student grades.
    • Assist staff members in putting in their marks in BCeSIS
  • Set up any/all student teachers that come into this school.  Do minor training.
  • Assist and answer any subs that need help in getting on wireless or help with technological problems in regards to what the teacher wishes the sub to complete for the day.
  • Fill out forms for new software
  • laptops to all staff
    • Maintain inventory of said laptops
    • Maintain records of usage for insurance reasons.
    •  Collect at end of year from any teachers leaving school.
    • troubleshoot any laptops needed
  • Order hardware for school.
  • Maintain inventory of all laptops, LCD projectors, and Document readers.
  • replace light bulb in LCD projectors
  • call in any damaged Document readers.
  • Train staff on 
    • Document Readers
    • BCeSIS
    • MasterGrade (our marking system)
    • Prezi
    • Internet Searching
    • GoogleDocs
    • Outlook
    • Check out this link for other Web 2.0 tools we've used (with some handouts).
  • Replace any bulbs that go on the LCD projector.
  • Take inventory of all new equipment that comes in, marks as Sullivan Heights and set up in the different schools.
  • Send away any warranty cards.
  • Train any student in regards to doing videos for the school.
  • Support any staff doing technology in a new project
  • Inventory of all cameras, video recorders, tripods, and microphones.
  • Setup video equipment.
  • Replace all cords, power supplies and such for media carts around school.
  • Fix any software problems/questions on how to work a computer.
  • Help repair announcement monitor/system.
  • Lock down  all new equipment.
  • COWS
    • Regulate the use of IPads, and COWS in the school.
    • Train staff on usage of cows
    • Update calendar booking booklet on the COWS (fill-in student names on this)
    • Repair any laptops here.
    • Track down any teacher who does not put back computers properly in the cart and have a talk with them.
  •  Lab Bookings
    • Do training on how to operate a lab in the school.
    • Maintain calendar online for bookings. 
    • Answer any questions that need
  • Working in collaboration with all committees in regards to technology and computer usage in their club/committee.
  • Updates/repairs to computer for music (have done some programming for program to work).
  • Emailing out any/all sites of educational value to different departments in the school.
  •  Support for movie making in school.

My job is to help where I can.  With the support of my technician from Surrey School District and from the help desk who can go into a computer remotely, the side of repairing and troubleshooting has diminished tremendously, so I get to concentrate on the inventory, and the training of both staff and students, the area of facilitating I enjoy.

Next time someone asks me what is a computer facilitator, I'll direct them here.

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