Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Language and Usage....

This entry is for my english teachers at my high school - a great way of introducing language, as well as expectations for word, and criteria making with rubrics.  A good start to the year.

This is an excellent video to start your English Class or even when learning how to use Microsoft Word.  The video is an excellent example of how language can be a great thing to play with.  Show the movie first, for a few minutes, then discuss what the students think for a while.  They will right away notice the vocabulary.  Next give the students a simple paragraph with simple adjectives and ask students to use the thesaurus dictionary in Word to elevate it, to brighten it up and change it so it flows with rhythm and poetry.  An example of something to give to students could be as simple as "A big, brown dog came out of a house, ran up to me, and bit my leg hard.  I yelled out loud, and asked for help but no one came to help me.  Finally, someone yelled for the dog to let go, and I fell to the ground in pain."

You can read them in class to see the difference.  You can pass the student's work around so other students can try and continue to update it.  Finally, you can discuss with your students what makes a good paragraph, and what makes an excellent paragraph.  A perfect into to criteria making and how you'll be able to mark rubrics.  This is a great way to introduce levels of achievement.

Then again if you want something to just show the importance of the punctuation, and not the poetry of the language there is always the below.  Simple, but to the point.

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