Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For those of you who rather read a paper then Tweet

For those of you who don't like to follow twitter (and I have a few friends like that) there is an alternative. It's called Paper.li.  It's a web site where you can set up an account, connect your twitter account and the site organized the links from twitter into a paper format.  In the setting you state who's twitter account will be followed, what hash tags to look at, how often the paper updates, and so much more.  The web site emails you a link of your paper that you can share with others.  In the end you have the articles all organized for you.  Like a newspaper, the highlights are at the start, then you click on a link and you get the full article.  Also like a paper, if you're not interested in an article, you just skip it.  The paper is subdivided into sections, I have business, education, etc, just like a normal paper.  You can go to the section you wish to read. It's fast, an easy to read format  and with this web page similarity to a  paper, people feel more comfortable reading the information.  Below is a link to my paper, one that I follow on education, Web 2.0 tools and the 21st Century Learning info. 

Just think that this would be great for students using twitter for research, looking through all the material in summary instead of waiting for it to come in one at a time.  Or you as a teacher using twitter to follow an authos and what they post for students to see in newspaper format.  If you are doing a hashtag for your school, consider the paper to summarize all the learning.  Our school is doing a research project where I hope to get teachers to tweet their findings, observations, etc.  Would be great to have it in a summary.   Just a couple of  ideas.  Enjoy and hope you try this.

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