Sunday, May 5, 2013

Googlize your Classroom

One of the more important things in education that I believe in is the strength of building networks with your colleagues and sharing the material you have learned. That's why I believe in helping others, doing training and when asked, helping present at the Surrey Teacher's Association Conference the past Friday.  If you are in SurreySchool District and wish to access all of this material and more (handouts on how to do), please email me and tell me your email address.  Through I am sharing all this material and more in the "Group Share"

Presentation 1 - Googlize Your Classroom.

AT the STA conference on Friday, May 3rd, I presented two presentations that I would like to share.  The first being a presentation, or rather a showing of all the different educational things that Google can be used for.  Many of their sites are educationally sound, with lesson plans included, and resources for both teachers and students.  I'm talking more then just googledocs.  See the presentation below of all they can do.

1 googlepresentation2 from Nicole Painchaud

The slideshow above does have two movies that are shown below as links.

Google Stories

Example of a SearchStory

What is Google+

My Second Presentation - Business Education Links

It's exactly how it sounds.  I shared material that I had gathered up for Business Education teachers to share in their classroom.  I shared some of the material in the first session but more.  I explained how I used LiveBinder, and created a binder for others to copy and build.  I explained about teaching students to use GoogleDocs and use StormBoard for idea generating, explaining to students that there is no such thing as a stupid idea, that everything is possible, that sometimes the wildest ideas can help develop some innovative ideas to develop improvements in a product.  See the video below for an example.

Next you have to teach your students how to work in groups and give good feedback.  The video below is about Ron Berger's elementary class and how to give good feedback, or rather positive critiquing.  Excellent to show your students ahead of time so they understand the importance of feedback.  Hope this helps someone out there  ;)

Below is the binder I started on Business Education links for teaching students business and more. Please feel free to copy it in Livebinder.  I only ask that if you have a few good sites to share that you email me and let me add them to my LiveBinder.  I hope this blog entry helps someone out there :)

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