Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Livebinder for Collaboration

I've made a number of binders that I use for sharing sites.  I use Livebinder for a list of web site that I use with BASE students, making it easier to go from one site to another with a click of a button.  It also helps me to organize the sites for different areas of study I do with BASE students.

I also have created a site of useful links for Business Education teachers.  I needed to organize these sites to show to a group of teachers that teach Business Education at the Surrey Teacher's Association Convention in Surrey BC.  Here is what the binder looks like.  It's open for everyone. If there is one thing to say about Sullivan Heights Teachers (the school I teach at) is that we believe in sharing.

Check out it's simplicity. for livebinder for Business Ed.

How to use Livebinder - tutorials.

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