Thursday, May 26, 2011


Bloomsapps is a web site that lists all the apps for Bloom's taxonomy. Each level is listed in order of Bloom's taxonomy.

It gives you a list of them as well as the price if need be. When you click on the picture (in white) you get a link to the app store and an explanation in more detail of the app. It's really something helpful when we start our IPad section of our learning. We set a budget of what we will spend in apps but I think it will be more then that. Interesting start to this project.

On average, apps can go from free to $2.99. The highest popular app I've seen is $14.99. If you have 20 IPads and get 10 apps for each one, you are looking at $300 a year to build your library of apps. Imagine that??!!!

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