Thursday, May 26, 2011


Saw the following on Christian Borja's e-Porfolio site and loved it.  I am not only going into e-Porfolios on Facebook but at our school we are working very hard to get our teachers on Twitter to create PLN groups. So far to count both Dewinetz, Neufeld and I  have an approximate total of 18 teachers hooked up, and counting... ;)  So what better way to understand it then this video.

or if you need it better in plain english see below:

Some Social Networks that as a teacher you may know are Facebook, Twitter, or Linkin.  The one that we are trying so hard to get teachers to develop both inside and outside social networks is Twitter.  With Hashtags teachers have the ability to look up other people that are interested in a common theme.  The sharing of material, opinion and research on line is phenomenal.

The video below explains about Twitter Search in Plain English.  Hopefully, this will show the importance of using Twitter in PLNs to my colleagues.

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