Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Connecting everything together

As I sit here typing up this entry on my new IPad I wonder why I'm connecting everything together. My admin team gave me this IPad to play with over the summer to test it, down different Apps that may enhance learning in our school and see how far the school/teachers could go with this new technology. It's my first time on an IPad, and I'm still learning (do we ever stop learning with technology?) how to download, how to get rid of Apps when they're on you pad, how to use the different apps, which Apps have trouble, etc. You know the drill, just play with as much as possible (what the necks up with this tiny keypad, two finger typing!!!).

So here I am, and I realize that I'll want students to upload their work to eportfolios or to blog their experiences, so now I've hooked up my Twitter and my blog to the IPad. Once hooked, how do you get it unhooked? Do you really think students will go to the problem of hooking and unhooking Eblog to each IPad they ever use? These IPads are like personal computers where the student will want to change backgrounds and settings,size of print, sound level, etc. Teachers will have to keep an eye out of what settings students change.

But is that so important? The changing of pictures on the pad? The important thing is for the teacher to know how to get inappropriate pictures off the desktop. That means more training into the settings of the pad, more so then how much teachers needed to know for laptops/computers managed (setting were locked up) that the teacher was using in class. More training in the control features (hooking up to the wireless, controlling the volume of the IPad,etc). It's not hard to learn, it will just take time, like typing on this small keyboard (that's it! I'm buying a keyboard attachment!!!!). Next job is listing everything I need to truing teachers on.

Thanks for listening.

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N. Painchaud

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