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Summary handout to students on what to include in Portfolios

The following is a google word document that I have been working on for a few days, of an outline that I want my students to follow when they start creating their e-portfolio. It is a combination of a cumulative and summative assessment outline.  Although I am trying it with an electronic portfolio (I work in a computer lab), I am sure it can work with a paper version as well.  I have opened it up for sharing, so please feel free to edit it, download it or comment on it below.  See below what the outline looks like so far.  I tried to get a number of Bloom's taxonomy levels in this outline since my inquiry question deals with Bloom's digital taxonomy.  Thank you for your help, in advance.

Parts of your Portfolio

You are gathering up examples of your work.  Your portfolio needs to include the following items in it to show me your learning, your strengths and your weaknesses.  The order of each section of learning is not important.  You need to do a table of content to organize your material later, but what you enter in your portfolio does not have to be in the order of what is listed below.  That is the individuality of the portfolio. 

I need to see what you have worked on and what you still need to grow with.  Each selection (all the selections) should contain a comment from your teacher and a number of your peers (more then just one).  At the end of the comments I need for you to answer the “Summative Assessment” (see these question below) for each selection.  This will show growth and help you when you will present your portfolio.  Thank you.

This piece shows my creativity.  Please notice the originality of …….

This sample shows how I develop my ideas before I complete a fnal product.  I would like you to notice how I ….

This piece of work was chosen because it shows how much I have improved at …..

This item represents my perseverance at completing a difficult task.  I tried very hard to …

“Invisible” Pride
Not everything I do ends up on a piece of paper.  I would like to share with you the pride I felt when I …..

Continuing Growth and Learning
This piece I had problems with.  Although my strengths on this piece were ……  My weaknesses that I need to work on are …..

In this piece I will describes an event that happened in class where learning took place.  I have included the stages of the work I did and the final product.  In this post I answer the questions who, what, when, where, how, describe, and list the events.

Understanding - Organizing and selecting facts and ideas
In this piece I retell (in your own words) the main idea of what I learned today.

Using these rules/guidelines/principles
  This piece shows I used the following rules/guidelines/principles …………….                

Analyzing - Separating a whole into component parts
 This piece is an example of the parts of  features of ………..

The following piece shows the classification of ………………..  The diagram is an outline of ………..

These pieces are a comparison of….. and ………………  When you see these  pieces you can tell …………..

Evaluating –
This is my example of an opinions, judgments or decisions.   It lead me to ….. learning.

This is an example of me prioritizing a project.  These problems occurred..  But this helped me …..

This is an example of when I disagreed with the teacher.  In the teacher’s opinion …..  but in my opinion …..  I believe this because of it’s importance ……  because……

Criteria Making
This is an example of a rubric/criteria sheet I created to mark this work of mine.  These criteria/areas of marking were important to me because ……

Creating - Combining ideas to form a new whole
In this piece I competed it alone.  I create/design a new ….  I should of …… and if I modify this……. or eliminate this then….    I had this problem but I think if I …….  then this would happen……

If I eliminated/reversed or rearranged
  a part of this piece……………. Then this happened ….

Synthesis – Finding a Solution
This is an example of a solution I came up with when I/my group had a problem.  This is what happened: …

Synthesis – Redoing something
This is an example of a remake of …………………  I decided to change ……………. And ……………  for the following reasons….

Summative Assessment
I think, after reading the quality of responses of my teacher and my peers, considering the criteria/expectations given in the class and what I should of learned, my feedback for this project should now be: (choose one and give your reasoning behind it).

Needs Improvement
Incomplete/ Inconsistent
Exceeds expectations, you went beyond what was asked for you to learn
Fully meets expectations, you’ve reach the goal that was set out for you.
Meets expectations but only to the minimum amount.  You did not want to fully explore this.
Can do better, and you know it.  You did not want to explore this to its fullest.
Is not fully completed.  Was not finished or no learning was shown.

Because of the following reasons (describe specifics to support your self-assessment – give proof).

Next Step
The Next step that I need to focus on to improve this area of learning is….

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