Monday, July 18, 2011

What is "Project Based Learning" and "Challenge Based learning"?

Thanks to @snbeach for sharing an article from Eurogates on Project Based Learning.  The video that was on the web site was excellent and one that I retweeted for my fellow colleagues. I have included the video for reference for my colleagues.  It's from Stenden University.

After viewing this video I found another one that has an easier explanation, and great to share with colleagues as well.

But lets take this one step forward and work towards Challenge Based Learning.  Something that we'll done on one occasion or another and never even realized it.

So here I go, looking at what I've done last year, and where I can change my projects to make them more meaningful.

Last year I asked my students in Information Technology Grade 12 class to pick a local web site that they considered really terrible in web design principles.  I asked them to use Photoshop to redesign it - to redraw the design and be prepared to defend their new design.  Once that was completed, students were to redesign the web site in Adobe InDesign, put it up on the web and contact the company with the web site and try and sell the site to them.  One group got $300 for their efforts.  That was a lesson that really paid off for the kids and the others took more time in considering their projects after that.

This motivational experience showed me that when the project is relevant, with the possibilities and reward outside of the school, the effort improves ten fold.  I am sure I can do this in more projects for next year.  But make them Challenge Based.  That's my goal in Information Technology class.

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