Wednesday, May 30, 2012

App Overload at Sullivan Heights.

The following link is a google doc that has all the apps that we have on our iPads, some we've already removed.  Our iPad cart (consisting of 31 iPads, a LCD projector and an Apple Talk box) is considered a moving cart, one that anyone can sign out at any time.  So when we had a 1/2 day of looking at apps we were inundated with apps the teachers wanted to try.  We loaded them all, and then had 4 iPads for teachers to sign out and use.  We've been slowly but surely going through them.  As you can see, many of them have been evaluated, over 80 of them.  As stated before in a previous blog entry, unless we solve the problem of having generic emails set up for these iPads, many of these apps are useless to us.  The apps have to be like Blogger, where the person can put in their email address, then take it out when completed.  This is the only way a cart of iPads can be shared among all the staff and students.  We need to look at our emailing system once more.

So take a look at what we like, and don't like.  You may be surprised.  We were.  What we liked the most were any apps that had a web site online where you could save your material there, so you did not need to email the work to the teacher.  

Anyone know of a comic maker that does this?

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