Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Learning Summary of an innovative teacher

Davis is new teacher at our school that fully embraces technology.  He has used the iPads, the COWS (computers on wheels), the library, working hard on engaging students in his Language classes with the use of technology.  He uses the technology for assessment (oral composition online), making an oral assignment fun instead of just memorization.  You can see much of his work online on his wiki at and you can see his summary and assessment of what he's learned this year at Sullivan Heights.  Even better, follow him on Twitter.

 What Worked:
Ipads: fotobabble App.
  • Easy to create an account and use
  • Take a picture and record voice over picture
  •  Can sign in on the fotobabble website to copy and paste the link of the conversation and upload it to a wiki
  •  Some issues with uploading the conversation on the app. Have to test it at the start of class and if it doesn’t work, sign out and sign back in and it should work

What didn’t Work:
Ipads: garage band
  • Couldn’t save the files anywhere besides on the app
  • Couldn’t transfer the conversation file to an email, wiki or itunes

Ipads: email
  • Couldn’t sync any student emails to any projects
  •  Only capable of storing one email address
  • Overall I think the ipads and the fotobabble app is better than using a PC for recording conversations. Students are able to receive such quick feedback while playing back their conversations. They can also get the app for their iphones, ipods or itouches which gives them access to the tech on their own.
Overall Mr. Davis' innovative methods of differentiation with students, engagement of activities, and just plain putting the fun back into learning a language has the students clamouring to learn more.  Excellent work Mr. Davis.

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