Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Running a Network at School.

Our Physical Education Department at Sullivan Heights have been a very active group in the area of our grant and learning. Truth be known, they were the leaders in getting our staff participating in twitter and networking to the far reaches of north america and oversees.  Ryan Neufeld, our expert on twitter spent a lot of energy and time training our staff, encouraing them to tweet, and then encouraging students to follow the different tweets of the athletic wiki, and the different teachers that use Twitter to post work, keep in contact with students, and inform teachers and studetns of what was going on at our school.

It was he who enspired the Twitter account for the School News section with it's own twitter feed.  With his encouragement of tweeting "cool things of Sullivan Heights" and more by a number of big tweeters at our school:
@Phillipskerri @MrBrownPE @teacherneuf @kpederson15 @klaw6 @SusiQ25 @garr_s @SullivanHeights @SullivansBarry @CareerEdSHS @Phillipskerri @msfree1 @Ms_Sommerfeld @painchaud_n.  Follow any of them online - you'll learn a lot, I know I did.  

Here is the summary of the Phy Ed Departments research: 

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