Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Incorporating Technology in the Dance Class

C. Yahn is a dance teacher at Sullivan Heights.  Even here technology was looked at to improve the learning.  Yahn's write up is short and to the point, but there is way more then that to her learning, she's being modest.  Here is what this guest blogger believes her learning was this year due:


Recording routines and watching them as a class - students were able to see where they had already improved both individually and as a group and where they still need to go from there.

Didn't work: 

Posting routines on youtube - all students did not have their media release form signed so I was unable to do this.

What my fellow colleague did not tell you was all the work she put when doing a web site for her students to follow.  

See this link and you'll understand what I mean. She would put the music that the students would learn to dance to on her site so they could practise at home.  She highlighted the students' achievements on her site.  Due to Job Action and the difficulties of this year, many teachers took a break from the web sites and online courses, but the learning continued.  

She did help students to create videos for their routines and she was the lead in entering the Future Shop Grant (we didn't win but we sure worked hard).  The learning curve for all involved was huge, but we'll do better the next time.  This was a great year of learning!!!!

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