Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Learning Journey of a Language Teacher.

Ups and Downs of Technology Usage in Schools.
Two years ago a young enthusiastic teacher wanted to learn some web 2.0 tools online and asked me if I knew a few.  I sent her to a site I has worked on for a couple of years and off she went exploring. Last year she started to explore on her own and started to share new tools she found, I started to share back, and we began networking.  Last year Jacqueline started to explore and blog her learning for the grant graciously given to us by Surrey School District to explore different means of learning for us and our students.  Today you can read Jacqueline's summary of her learning for the grant at http://snfteacher.blogspot.ca/ .  You can also read her ideas of what she used in the classroom, what worked, what didn't and why for each.  Those Spanish and French teachers, start following her on twitter - @senoritaac ...  She's worth it!!!  You go Jacqueline!!!  You'll put me out of a job yet!!

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