Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Learning Journey of a Social Studies Teacher.

From Guest Blogger Mrs. Stevens - a Social Studies teacher at our school.  She shared her story of her learning journey this year in her goals making and learning for her students.  In my books, she's a star.  This is her story:

I’m a work in progress.  My goal was to learn 360 back in September 2011. I did have some training in the library with Roger Hayward, but unfortunately I did not put it to use right away, so I did not retain it.  However, now I have learned and incorporated Prezi with my Social Studies grade 9 classes in both semesters, and I intend to use the same program in Social Studies 8 next week.  I feel more comfortable with Prezi.  I repeated my learning, and now I’m retaining it. I’m not as scared.  I am a little more confident.

I have also requested and was given some time from the computer facilitator in semester 2 to learn new computer skills with one to one training.  I learned about Outlook, how to organize my emails, how to enter new contacts, and how to access my calendars.  I’ve improved my computer abilities by changing and updating my files so I can read them on my laptop.

I feel more comfortable with technology in my classroom; students are using PowerPoint and other technology, and I don’t stop them, I let it in.  They know I’m not strong in technology, but they’re willing to teach me, and I’m willing to learn.

Future goals – The old video resources in the library are decreasing. Some quality videos have come to the end of their lifespan, and the only way to get them back is by using 360.  So I need to do more one-on-one training with our librarian.  I will have to learn this program because fewer of my video resources are available.  I am also looking at getting a document reader for my classroom next year, and I want to learn how to incorporate that in my lessons.  I want to look into more peer assessment and rubric assessment with my students.  I used it with my prezi assignment, and it kept the students engaged.  Also, I hope to train on the iPads. 

Ms. Harding said I didn’t even know how to turn on the laptop when I started, but now I’m no longer worried about asking for help.  I’m trying to keep up with the times.  Nicole has been an invaluable teacher, patient beyond belief.

From Nicole's point of view:  The inspiration from a teacher who not only recognizes that they need to develop into a 21st Century teacher, but who goes out of her way to arrange to grow by asking me for help, by taking the time to learn new things, to overcome a fear of technology, to let in that fear and ask for help, not only from me but from colleagues and from students, that’s a teacher that truly cares about her profession, her students and doing the best she can.  That’s what individual Pro D is all about.

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