Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Law of Learning ;)

Guest Blogger - Ms. Law

Plugged into technology
Ms. Law teaches a number of subjects in our school.  Like many teachers in the district, she's vesitile, but also very flexible.  She's also the best teacher I've seen in any subject matter.  She's imaginative, willing to try new things, and works hard to make things innovative and fun in her classroom so students respond with enthusiasm to her lessons and to the learning.  To see more of what she's done in the classroom go to her school site at You can also follow her on twitter at @klaw6.  Below is her summary of her learning this year.

My goals sort of evolved over the course of the year and became multifaceted, all related to integrating tools and technology into my class in more of a long-term way instead of one-off activities. To be honest, I ran into a lot of roadblocks with regards to the room I was in and equiptment I had as my laptop frequently drops the wireless connection and the room set-up makes it difficult to hook up and display material. I also did not have a document reader or even a working overhead for the full year, so a lot of my work on my goals was theoretical and planned, tested and put aside for future use, not necessarily implemented this year.

What did work, however was using twiiter to connect to and with the school community and building a class website/blog that allowed for easier, smoother and more frequent dialoges with students and parents. Finding time to work on it has been challneging so it is an ongoing work in progress!

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