Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Learning in the LST room.

Guest Blogger:  Ms. O'rourke - LST

Ms. O'rourke is an excellent LST teacher who's caring and passion for helping her students comes out strong and loud.  She's tech savvy, using a number of programs on the computers to help support her students.  She also knows how to take care of the technology, and considering the expense of it, this is a good thing.  There was no hesitation in giving the LST department two iPads 2 to test out with students, we're hoping to get more in this department next year.

What worked and why?

Ipads worked very well. - In particular, we regularly use flashcard apps in conjunction with quizlet, and introduced them to students who had the technology already (on their ipods/iphones/ipads).  Most of our students are using flashcardlet regularly at home now.  While these work well for all, this works particularly well for the disorganized student who loses paper.  This also works well for students with writing difficulties because they can download the quizlet flashcards and easily adapt them to fit their needs for studying.
Other Apps of note that are used regularly to support students, both at the school level and at home include Khan Academy (for direct instruction), and interaction language apps like Mindlinks which include language pronunciation, which is something you don't get from paper.

I moved my First Class website to a web based format, and it worked somewhat well.  The information was there for students to access

What did not work and why?

  • My blog - I only contributed once, and I will probably not continue it since I have been introduced to sharepoint which lends itself better to my needs.  I will start using sharepoint soon which seems quite intuitive to me.
  • I wish I had not bothered moving my First Class website to a web based format.  The first class website was still accessible this year, and sharepoint next year will suit my needs well.

As I'm sure the district is saying right now, welcome to Sharepoint.  

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