Thursday, May 31, 2012

D. Pacheco is a teacher and counsellor at Sullivan Heights Secondary.  He teaches an Advance Placement class to Grade 12 students.  Here is his Guest Blog entry.

Over this past year we have introduced iclicker2 at Sullivan Heights. This technology is focused on student engagement and formative assessment. The student response to iclicker2 has been tremendous. We used them with two groups of students – AP Psychology and the Math/Science Coop. In total 57 students used the clickers. Results demonstrated that the vast majority of students (over 90%) found iclicker2:
  • Improved class marks/concept understanding
  • Enjoyed the variety of ways it can be used/formatively assess
  • Made them feel more comfortable answering questions in class
  • Liked the immediate feedback feature
  • Would be useful in other classes as well

Blog owners comments:  The debate right now is do we buy another set of iclickers for the school?  Where can we use this?  How can we share this in our school?  There is a benefit as demonstrated above.  Do we pick which classrooms use these iclickers?  Can we have more then 2 classrooms test these out furthers? When we expand we need to collect more data but so far the feedback is positive.  Thank you.

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